Lucky #11

A couple of nights ago at the Draft Lottery, the Devils were hoping to get the 3rd, 2nd, or 1st overall pick in the 2016 NHL Draft.  Unfortunately, the lottery balls didn’t fall in the Devils favor, and they will still pick at 11th overall.  Fortunately for the Devils, there will be a player at 11 who will help the rebuild.  There are plenty of names out there that could help the Devils, whether that be at offense or defense.  I personally believe in picking the best player available, so I would be fine with a forward or defenseman at 11.  This pick is going to be an important pick, and the Devils need to nail it.

Former 11th Overall Picks

Looking back at the last six drafts, the 11th overall pick has had some different results when it comes to success.  The most successful 11th overall pick since 2010 has undoubtedly been Filip Forsberg (2012/WSH).  In 182 games, Forsberg has 133 points, put up a 30 goal season (2015-16), and has a career CF% of 55.9%.  Needless to say, a player like Forsberg would be great for the Devils.  There are two players in the last six drafts that can be argued as the least successful: Duncan Siemens (2011/COL) and Jack Campbell (2010/DAL).  Siemens has played 1 NHL game, and currently has a clip of 0.11 PPG in the AHL.  Campbell has played in 1 NHL game, posting a .872 SV%.  He has a .905 SV% in his AHL career.  Obviously Siemens and Campbell are young, and they can still turn into something for their respective teams, but that doesn’t look too promising.

The last three drafts are too early to tell when it comes to success and failure.  Some other notable 11th overall picks are Ryan Ellis (2009/NSH), Jeff Carter (2003, PHI), and the best of the group, Anze Kopitar (2005, LA).  If the Devils were to pick a player and they turned out like any of these three, it would be a huge success.  

Potential 11th Overall Picks

This years draft has a consensus top 3, but after that it seems like every ranking is different.  Alex Nylander, Matthew Tkachuk, and Pierre-Luc Dubois seem to be the next crop of players, with Jakob Chychrun in the running as well.  After that, the rankings start to differ.  Common names around the 11th overall pick are forwards Clayton Keller, Michael McLeod, Julien Gauthier, and defensemen Olli Juolevi and Mikhail Sergachev.  All of these players will have prospect profiles on the site in the upcoming weeks, as well as some players like Logan Brown, Tyson Jost, and Luke Kunin, as they all are ranked close to 11, sometimes above.  The Devils need to hit with this pick, and it’ll more than likely be one of these kids barring any trades or surprising slides.

Be on a lookout for ScoringLine’s prospect profiles, as well as more draft coverage as it creeps closer! 


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