Season Grade: Keith Kinkaid

This season wasn’t the best for backup goalie Keith Kinkaid.  After a pretty strong 2014-15 season, Kinkaid was looking to stay the course and be a solid backup option for the Devils.  We all knew that Cory was going to need some breaks during the season, but his injury gave Kinkaid the chance to step up when he was really needed.  He did have some great games, but overall, Kinkaid had a very disappointing season, dropping the ball when it needed to hold on. 

The Numbers

In 23 games played, Kinkaid went 9-9-1, posting a .904 SV%, 2.81 GAA, and 2 shutouts.  Out of 57 goalies with at least 1,000 minutes played, only six had lower save percentages than Kinkaid.  That’s uh, not very good.  His AdSV%, an 89.97%, wasn’t much better.  Out of the 57 goalies with at least 1,000 minutes played, only Jonas Hiller and Pekka Rinne had lower Adjusted save percentages. If he wants to keep his role as the backup, Kinkaid has to improve.

Kinkaid’s 5v5 numbers were the most disappointing things about his season.  He posted a 5v5 SV% of 90.54%, and a 5v5 AdSV% of 89.80%.  Compared to the 2014-15 season (5v5 93.70 SV% and 5v5 93.39 AdSV%), this is horrible.  He even faced less shots per 60 this year than he did last year.  

His shorthanded numbers were pretty pedestrian.  He posted a 88.67 SV% and an 88.76 AdSV% when the Devils were a man down.  Nothing special, but also not the worst in the NHL.  His 2015-16 shorthanded numbers were actually better than his 2014-15 numbers, which were an 83.10 SV% and an 81.25 AdSV%.

Final Grade: D

Kinkaid did have some bright spots this season.  His 28 save shutout of the Kings was great, but then he had games where he let up 6 goals on 24 shots.  When it comes down to it, Kinkaid can’t have a similar year for the Devils next season.  Every team needs a solid backup option, and that wasn’t Kinkaid this year.  He’s never going to beat out Cory Schneider and become the Devils full-time starter, but if he can return to his 2014-15 form, he could be a solid backup option who can help the Devils push for the playoffs.


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