Season Grade: Wedgewood and Danis

I wasn’t sure if I should do a post for these two goalies.  The two combined didn’t even play 10 games, so this will just be a short overview post.  Both goalies spent most of the year in the AHL with Albany, helping the A-Devils to a very successful season.  

Danis went 28-12-5 with a .908 SV% and 2.22 GAA.  Wedgewood went 14-3-3 with a .933 SV% and 1.55 GAA.  He is also the starting goalie for the A-Devils in the playoffs, sporting a .916 SV% and 2.29 GAA in 6 playoff games.  If Wedgewood plays like he has all season, he can help Albany upset the Toronto Marlies.  

NHL Numbers

Danis made 2 appearances for the New Jersey Devils this season, and they were pretty horrible.  He went 0-1-0 and had a .778 SV% (YIKES), as well as a 4.71 GAA.  He faced 18 shots, and he let in 4.  There’s no need to look at the 5v5 or shorthanded numbers, he was bad in the 51 minutes he played.  Danis was brought into the organization to provide depth and help Albany, which is exactly what he did.  So for that, he gets a C+ as a season grade.

Wedgewood, however, played outstanding in his 4 NHL games.  I’ve never been high on Wedgewood, but he made a case for himself this year with his play.  He went 2-1-1 in the NHL, and had a stellar .957 SV% and 1.24 GAA in 241 minutes played.  That’s very encouraging.  Obviously 241 minutes isn’t a big sample size, but to play that well when given the opportunity shows something.  If he can keep up the good play in the AHL playoffs and during the preseason, he could very well challenge for the backup spot.  I do think he’d benefit from a full season as Albany’s starter, though.  Between his AHL year and his small cup of coffee with the Devils, I’m gonna give Wedgewood an A as a season grade.  He clearly made strides this year, and that’s all you can really ask for from the young netminder. 


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