Shoulder Surgery for Jon Merrill

The Devils announced today that defenseman Jon Merrill underwent successful surgery on his right shoulder.  Merrill only played in 47 games this year, missing time with arm and shoulder injuries.  His expected recovery time is four months, which means he will miss training camp and probably a good chunk of the preseason.  

Merrill didn’t have the best season.  He put up 5 points in the 47 games played, and his possession numbers weren’t anything stellar.  He had a 46.2 Corsi For percentage, and was a -0.3 CF%Rel, which means the team had a better Corsi when he was off the ice.  It was unfortunately a season where his defensive and offensive play regressed. 

It’s not clear if the surgery is for his in-season injuries, but it’s very possible.  As NBCSports pointed out, the surgery was on the same injured arm.  Hopefully it’s an easy and speedy recovery for Merrill, and that he can have a bounce back year.


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