Season Grade: Jordin Tootoo

Jordin Tootoo is an interesting player.  He isn’t the most skilled guy on the ice, and he isn’t going to an offensive force for any team.  He is going to go out and grind shift after shift, get a big hit every now and again, and maybe draw a penalty.  He’s also going to do some stupid stuff on the ice.  Tootoo has a reputation as an agitator or dirty player.  He has been suspended multiple times in his career, and has been fined as well.  Tootoo has spent the last two seasons with the Devils, and is primarily a fourth line type of player.  Let’s look at Tootoo’s season below. 

The Numbers

5v5 Numbers

5v5 TOI 5v5 Goals 5v5 Assists 5v5 Points 5v5 G60 5v5 A60 5v5 P60 5v5 Pen D 5v5 CF% 5v5 CF% Rel 5v5 SH%  5v5 ZSO% Rel
656.67 2 2 4 0.18 0.18 0.37 -5 46.62% 0.42% 2.36% -8.05%

5v4 Numbers

5v4 TOI 5v4 Goals 5v4 Assists 5v4 Points 5v4 G60 5v4 A60 5v4 P60 5v4 Pen D 5v4 CF% 5v4 CF% Rel 5v4 SH% 5v4 ZSO% Rel
86.43 2 3 5 1.39 2.08 3.47 -9 86.09% 0.89% 14.29% 1.31%

4v5 Numbers

4v5 TOI 4v5 Goals 4v5 Assists 4v5 Points 4v5 G60 4v5 A60 4v5 P60 4v5 Pen D 4v5 CF% 4v5 CF% Rel 4v5 SH% 4v5 ZSO% Rel

All Situations Numbers

All TOI All Goals All Assists All Points All G60 All A60 All P60 All Pen D All CF% All CF% Rel All SH% All ZSO% Rel
758.59 4 5 9 0.32 0.16 0.71 -20 50.96% -1.65% 5.03% -2.32%

It was an interesting season for Tootoo.  He didn’t have enough minutes on the penalty kill to really put his numbers.  It was basically less than 5 minutes of ice time on the penalty kill.  That makes sense, as Tootoo isn’t the greatest defensive player around.  All things considering, Tootoo had some pretty decent power play numbers.  5 points isn’t anything amazing, but he didn’t have a large amount of minutes.  His shooting percentage was very high on the power play.  He is the kind of player you put in front and hope he can get a rebound or a nice screen, and he does that fairly well.  One bad thing is his penalty differential on the penalty kill.  Tootoo took 9 more penalties than he drew when on the power play.  That’s a bad, bad thing, especially when your team has the man advantage. 

His all situations points weren’t great.  He put up 9 points during the year.  Like I said in the Gionta season grade post, you need scoring from your depth players.  No one expects them to put up 30-35 points, but it has to be more than 9 points.  His penalty differential was also horrible.  He took some very dumb penalties, and was fined for one when he tripped Seth Jones in a very bad position.  He can agitate someone into taking a penalty, but more times than not he’s the one taking them.  Along with the penalties, Tootoo was fined for embellishment, which is something that I personally hate to see from Devils players.

Season Grade: D

Tootoo is a player that you can replace on the team, especially with the addition of someone like Devante Smith-Pelly.  The biggest thing is the penalty differential and minutes.  He lead the Devils in PIM with 102 in only 66 games.  He’s a serviceable player, but you can have someone younger and more disciplined take that role.  That person can also potentially add some scoring to the team.  Tootoo’s contract is up, and he will be a UFA this off-season.  I’d say it’s a 50/50 chance the Devils re-sign Tootoo.  Personally, I don’t think you need to re-sign him, but time will tell. 

(Numbers and statistics via and Hockey Reference)

(Photo courtesy of Bruce Kluckhohn/Getty Images)


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