Season Grade: Tyler Kennedy

Tyler Kennedy originally joined the Devils on a professional tryout during the preseason.  He wouldn’t receive an NHL contract the first time around, but a few injuries would open the door to another chance.  In November, Kennedy would join the Devils on another professional tryout, and would eventually be signed to a one year contract later that month.  I think Kennedy made a case for why he should’ve been signed before the season with his play.  He wasn’t spectacular, but he was a serviceable depth player.  Let’s take a look at Kennedy’s season below.

The Numbers

5v5 Numbers

5v5 TOI 5v5 Goals 5v5 Assists 5v5 Points 5v5 G60 5v5 A60 5v5 P60 5v5 Pen D 5v5 CF% 5v5 CF% Rel 5v5 SH%  5v5 ZSO% Rel
574.44 2 8 10 0.21 0.84 1.04 -4 50.11% 5.67% 5.67% -3.55%

5v4 Numbers

5v4 TOI 5v4 Goals 5v4 Assists 5v4 Points 5v4 G60 5v4 A60 5v4 P60 5v4 Pen D 5v4 CF% 5v4 CF% Rel 5v4 SH% 5v4 ZSO% Rel
78.53 1 4 5 0.76 3.06 3.82 1 88.98% 6.20% 11.29% 3.42%

4v5 Numbers

4v5 TOI 4v5 Goals 4v5 Assists 4v5 Points 4v5 G60 4v5 A60 4v5 P60 4v5 Pen D 4v5 CF% 4v5 CF% Rel 4v5 SH% 4v5 ZSO% Rel

All Situations Numbers 

All TOI All Goals All Assists All Points All G60 All A60 All P60 All Pen D All CF% All CF% Rel All SH% All ZSO% Rel
669.23 3 13 16 0.27 1.17 1.43 -1 54.62% 9.23% 7.03% 1.28%

Kennedy played in 50 games this year, and scored at a 0.32 point per game pace.  Had he played in all 82 games and played at that pace all year, he would’ve put up around 25 points.  That would’ve been good for 6th on the Devils.  That’s not bad for a guy you signed off of a professional tryout in November.  His 5v5 possession numbers are what you want to see out of a bottom 6 guy.  He didn’t have the best zone starts, but still put up solid Corsi numbers.  His 5v5 SH% was also the lowest of his career.  Like a decent amount of Devils players, he had a negative penalty differential.  While it’s not as bad as others, you’d like to see someone draw more penalties than they take.

Kennedy didn’t have enough 4v5 minutes to even look at his impact there.  The Devils have better players to play on the penalty kill, so it’s good to see Hynes not rely on someone like Kennedy, who isn’t the best penalty killer.  His 5 power play points aren’t anything special, but he did only play in 50 games.  While he isn’t the worst option on the power play (rather have him out there than someone like Tootoo), there are better guys out there.  For what it was worth, Kennedy was a solid pickup for Shero, providing good depth for the Devils.

Season Grade: C

Kennedy wasn’t amazing this year, and he wasn’t horrible.  He was pretty average across the board. He was better some of the other depth guys the Devils put on the ice, but he shouldn’t be put into tough or difficult situations.  Shero was put in a tough spot when he signed Kennedy in November, and I personally think that Kennedy played well enough to justify the decision.  I wouldn’t be against Shero re-signing Kennedy during the offseason.  He provides the depth you want, and could be a solid 4th line guy who can play on the third line as well.  

(Numbers and Statistics from and Hockey Reference)

(Photo courtesy of Elsa/Getty Images) 


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