Prospect Profile: Taylor Raddysh

We continue our 2nd round prospect profiles with a big right winger, Taylor Raddysh.  Raddysh played on the top line of the Erie Otters this year, which means he played with Dylan Strome and Alex DeBrincat.  These are two extremely skilled players.  Raddysh didn’t look out of place, though.  He more than held his own on one of the best teams in the OHL.  Let’s take a look at Raddysh.  

The Player

Position: Right Wing
Shoots: Right
From: Toronto, ON, CAN
Birthday: 02/18/1998
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 198 lbs


Bob McKenzie Mid-Season: 32nd
Craig Button: 25th
The Draft Analyst: 50th
NHL Central Scouting: 36th (NA Skaters)
ISS Hockey: 28th

Rankings all over the place, my favorite thing!  I’m curious to see where Bob McKenzie has him ranked in his final rankings.  The Draft Analyst and NHL Central Scouting have Raddysh in the Devils 2nd round range.  ISS and Button have him ranked in what would be the 1st round, so there’s that.  As always, hard to really tell where Raddysh will go from these rankings.  For what it’s worth, the Draft Analyst had Raddysh going 42nd to the Senators in their mock, and Draft Site had him going 39th to Montreal in their mock.  


Radysh Stats(Stats via Elite Prospects)

Raddysh’s 73 points were good for 20th in OHL scoring.  He scored at a 1.09 point per game clip, which is very impressive.  Raddysh ended up being Erie’s third best scorer, behind Strome (A 3rd overall pick) and DeBrincat.  He was also third in assists.  Something that stands out is that Raddysh rarely takes penalties. He’s had 31 penalty minutes in 125 games, and while that isn’t something you normally look at, it’s good to see a big kid like him have some discipline.  His playoff run with Erie saw him put up 10 points in 12 games.  There’s not much international experience for Raddysh, but he’s put up points in multiple tournaments throughout his career.  Overall, he’s put up points everywhere he has played.  


Brock Otten, OHL Prospects Blog:

“Raddysh is just a really hard working complimentary offensive player who has excelled doing the “dirty work” for a guy like Dylan Strome. He has great size at 6’2/200lbs and uses that to drive the net, win battles in the corners, and open up space for his linemates. Raddysh just has that knack for finding open space in the offensive zone, which points to him having terrific hockey sense. I particularly love his vision coming off the wall. Creates a lot of scoring chances by making great passes after gaining/maintaining possession along the boards (similar to a guy like Matthew Tkachuk). His overall puck skill and skill set is not flashy, but he does whatever is needed on a scoring line and that’s why he’s a valuable player and could make a valuable pro. If he can really improve his skating (particularly power), he could be more of a driving force on a line.”

Steve Kournianos, The Draft Analyst:

“Goal-scoring power forward with an NHL-ready build who may be a bit undervalued playing alongside Erie’s notable talent the last two seasons. He was able to rack up assists playing on the Otters’ top line with Dylan Strome and Alex DeBrincat, but keep in mind that his speed and tenacity on the forecheck created scoring opportunities without the benefit of getting his name of the scoresheet. Raddysh is a very good skater with good closing speed, which he combines with a long reach to force turnovers.”

Bill Placzek, Draft Site:

“Bullish winger who goes to the battle areas. A playmaking winger with a accurate release and heavy shot. Smart and positionally sound, he has a bit of edge and decent puck skills. Displays good vision and patience in his carries. Holds until the right moment, whether it be a carry off the wall and a quick pass, or as he sees linemates getting open. Has decent balance and movement but needs to build his acceleration and stop/start quickness.”

If you get one thing from these quotes, it’s that Raddysh is a winger that plays hard, and because of that, he can create chances for his teammates.  The way he plays gave guys like DeBrincat and Strome options.  I love that he can create turnovers, because that’s something every team needs.  He uses his size to win puck battles and play well along the boards.  Another thing that I like to hear (if you couldn’t tell by now) is that he has good vision and hockey sense.  That’s something I like to see in a prospect.  The last thing I want to touch on is his skating.  Brock and Bill mentioned that he needs to improve his skating, especially things like power skating and acceleration.  Luckily, these are things that you can teach and develop.  

Scoring Line’s Opinion

Raddysh is an interesting prospect.  As I’ve stated before in these profiles, the Devils could use a power forward type player in the future.  Raddysh is the type of guy who can create turnovers, as well as chances for his linemates because of his play.  He can also chip in offensively.  I wouldn’t hate it if the Devils picked him at 41, but it would depend on who is available.  He’s a very solid player, but is he going to be better than guys still up for grabs?  Brock mentioned that Raddysh is a complimentary offensive player, and that could be something the Devils look at in their 2nd round pick.  When it comes down to it, Raddysh would be a solid pick at 41, but might not be the best pick.


(Photo courtesy of Ben Nelms/Getty Images)



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